Why Surgery or Pain Meds Aren’t Your Only Option for Chronic Pain

Go to your physician complaining of chronic pain, and they will quickly wave you away with the suggestion of expensive surgery or a cheaper yet problem-loaded course of potentially addictive pain medication. This is a shame and potentially scandalous, as other options exist, and better ones too.

Surgery is as ‘simple’ as people seem to have become accustomed to. It will probably not surprise you that the human body is not designed to be sliced open, operated upon, and then sewn back together. Yes, sometimes surgery is the only option for many people, but other times there are different options worth exploring before the last resort of going under the knife.

Pain medication comes with its own set of issues too. The most effective pain relief medications all contain opioids – the same class of narcotics to which heroin and fentanyl belong. While prescribed pain medication seldom leads to an overdose, for some people, their first experience with opioids sets them on a dangerous path of addiction. When their prescribed painkillers run out, they seek their opioids from illegal sources, with potentially devastating consequences.

Here at Macomb Pain Management, we do not offer surgery or a potentially lethal course of pain medication. Our chronic pain solutions are entirely in tandem with the body’s natural resources. Your body has healed itself throughout your life, so it is quite capable of dealing with chronic pain – it just needs a little helping hand, and that is what Macomb Pain Management aims to provide you with.

We use several techniques to help you deal with chronic pain, and we will now take a detailed look at just a few of them.

Nerve Pain Stimulation Therapy

The nerves transmit pain, and sometimes the problem with the pain is not the source but the nerves transmitting the pain. Nerve pain stimulation therapy can help identify problems with the nerves that are sending pain signals to the brain. Tiny electrical devices are inserted under the skin that tests the nerves’ effectiveness at signal transmission to help identify problem areas and make effective solutions easier to decide upon.

Physiatrist Treatments

A physiatrist is trained in all disciplines concerning the human body, including the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems. If you book an appointment with a physiatrist, they will work with you and other people responsible for your health and general well-being and identify the root causes of your chronic pain. They will then devise a treatment plan aimed at helping you improve the quality of your day-to-day living.

Prolotherapy and Bone Marrow Concentrate

Prolotherapy is a therapy where a harmless solution is inserted into a troublesome area, causing your body to react and accelerate your natural healing processes. Bone marrow concentrate is also used in this process, using blood cells and stem cells taken from your own body to again, help your body heal itself in the most natural way possible.

If you are experiencing any chronic pain, and you understandably are reluctant to be subjected to the surgeon’s knife or run the risk of opioid addiction, please come and talk to us at Macomb Pain Management. We will help you define the root cause of your chronic pain and suggest the way forward. Please get in touch with us at (248) 844-8281 or through our online form.

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