How Does a Doctor Diagnose Chronic Pain?

Millions of adults suffer from chronic pain. It affects every aspect of life, from work to hobbies to simply getting out of bed. The first step in treating chronic pain is getting an official diagnosis. Read on to learn how doctors diagnose chronic pain so you can get the help you need.

Definition of Chronic Pain

Pain is any form of physical discomfort. This could be a paper cut, gaping wound, headache, toothache, infection, or anything in between.

Pain becomes chronic when it lasts for three months or more. It doesn’t have to be a constant sensation. The pain may come and go. If you’ve dealt with recurring pain for multiple months, your condition would be considered chronic.

How to Get a Chronic Pain Diagnosis

A chronic pain diagnosis may start with your primary care physician. You’ll go in for a general checkup, discuss your discomfort and get a diagnosis. However, some patients skip this step and immediately start looking for specialists. Depending on the type of pain you’re experiencing, you may need a referral from your primary doctor before working with a pain management specialist.

With regards to how doctors diagnose chronic pain, it’s usually a matter of assessing when the symptoms started, how severe they are, and what types of treatment the patient has tried. Did the pain happen after an accident or injury? Has the pain level progressed with time? Have any over-the-counter remedies worked thus far?

Your doctor or pain management specialist will put the puzzle pieces together to form an official diagnosis. Then you can pursue treatment that’s tailored to your needs.

What to Do with a Chronic Pain Diagnosis – First Steps for Treatment

Diagnosis is the first step in a much longer journey. Once you know what’s causing your pain, you can find an appropriate treatment to address it. There are tons of innovative solutions out there, from functional medicine to procedural pain management to targeted injections. Macomb Pain Management provides individualized pain treatment plans in Shelby Township, MI.

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