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Comprehensive and Research-Driven Approach to Pain Management in Macomb and Oakland Counties

Macomb Pain Management offers experienced and trusted pain management using a variety of interventional pain medicine remedies. Take advantage of non-surgical, and non-medicated treatment from a medical doctor. Also, you will be given an expert’s pain relief treatment plan that is custom-tailored for you and designed for faster recovery and better pain relief from an experienced pain doctor near you.

You or a loved one can now be treated with non-surgical options for joint pain, spinal pain, tendon and ligament strains, degenerative discs, herniated discs, tendonitis and bursitis, sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction, sciatic pain, knee pain, sports injuries, and more!

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Chronic Arthritis Pain Treatment

Treatment for Ligament Strains Treatment

Treatment for Joint Pain and Chronic Inflammation

Neck Pain and Spinal Pain Treatment

Treatment for Tendonitis Pain and Bursitis Pain

Treatment for Tendon Tears and Sports Injuries

Non-Surgical Treatment for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Chronic Pain Treatment From Herniated Discs

Chronic Shoulder Pain Treatment

Knee Cartilage Treatment

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction Treatment

Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

Trusted and Experienced Pain Management Doctors in Macomb and Oakland County

Syed Moosavi MD

Syed Abbas Moossavi, MD

Dr. Moosavi is board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. His special interests include the management of spine, musculoskeletal, bone, joint pain and sports injury. Dr. Moosavi also specializes in neurological disorder pain and the rehabilitation of such disorders including spasticity management…

Dr Michael Bonnette

Michael Bonnette, MD

Michael Bonnette, MD was born and raised in Metro-Detroit. He attended Michigan State University for his undergraduate degree where he met his wife. He was a member of the charter class of Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. He then traveled to St. Louis for residency training at Washington University for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation…

Pain Management Tips and Latest News

Chronic Pain vs. Acute Pain – What's the Difference?

Chronic Pain vs. Acute Pain – What’s the Difference?

Pain comes in many forms. The way you treat your pain may vary based on the type of pain you’re experiencing. Two of the main categories of pain are acute pain and chronic pain. In this guide, we’ll compare acute pain vs. chronic pain to help you better understand the discomfort you’re in. We’ll also …
Do Compression Sleeves Actually Work?

Do Compression Sleeves Actually Work?

Compression therapy has been around for thousands of years, but modern-day compression socks and sleeves have only been around for a few decades. If you’re dealing with joint pain or swelling, compression products could stimulate healing and provide short-term relief. Let’s take a look at how compression sleeves work and who can benefit most from …
Doctor Discussing with Patients Treatment Options for Joint Pain

Help! I Have Joint Pain in Different Parts of the Body

When some people complain about joint pain, it is centered on a specific joint, such as the knee or hip. This type of pain can be treated with targeted pain management. But what happens when your joint pain is sporadic and all over the place? One day, your ankle hurts, and the next, your thumbs …
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Your Health and Safety are Always the Number One Priority at Macomb Pain Management

For over 15 Years, the experts at Macomb Pain Management have given patients better pain management, personalized service, and a much higher quality of life. Take advantage of the many years of experience and state-of-the-art pain management clinic facility in Shelby Township; which was specifically engineered for the best possible pain management care using today’s latest medical technology. 

In addition to advanced pain management technology, the staff at Macomb Pain Management believes in taking time to listen and properly care for every patient. Many pain sufferers may often seek help after numerous unsuccessful attempts to address their pain. This is where the pain management experts at Macomb Pain Management really get the opportunity to more accurately diagnose the root cause, and then recommend the best-customized treatment plan for each individual.

At our pain control clinic in Macomb County MI, this is performed in a clinical environment that is state-of-the-art, respectful to patients, and as comfortable as possible. Get expert and experienced pain management from a trusted physiatrist and pain doctor using interventional pain medicine and other leading treatments. In addition, most insurances are accepted and we have affordable fee-for-service options for your convenience.

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Call (248) 844-8281 for research-led arthritis treatment and arthritis repair, treatment for ligament strains, treatment for joint pain and chronic inflammation, neck pain and spinal pain treatment, treatment for tendonitis pain and bursitis pain, treatment for tendon tears and sports injuries, treatment for sciatic nerve pain, chronic pain treatment from herniated discs, knee cartilage treatment, sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction treatment, and degenerative disc disease treatment at our surgery center in Shelby Township – a pain control clinic in Macomb County MI.