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Knee pain, injuries, and arthritis are widespread occurrences throughout populations, young and old. Knee injuries are characterized by swelling, pain, and a restriction of movement. If you, or a loved one, struggle to stand or hear popping noises when putting weight on either knee, it may be time to consult a specialist. Macomb Pain Management is here to provide relief, and our Board-Certified doctors are available to patients in the Lapeer County area. But what do we have to offer? And what is the possible cause of your knee pain? Here we will explore the knee and what our pain management specialists can do to provide knee pain treatment.

A Quick Breakdown Of The Knee and Knee Pain Treatment Options Available to Lapeer County Residents

The anatomy of the knee is essential to understanding the underlying reasons for pain and how to treat them. The human knee is comprised of several main parts that work in concert with one another to create an intertwined and complex system of muscles and tendons that allow for proper motion. These structures include:

  • Bones of the Knee: The tibia, or shin bone, connects to the lower part of the knee, while the femur is the much larger thigh bone that supports your knee along with your hip. Finally, the patella is what is most commonly known as the kneecap.
  • Connective Tissues: The tendons around the kneecap are the binding tissues that help to support your bones and connect them to the leg muscles. These tissues are the most vulnerable to injury and cause many knee-related issues.
  • Cartilage: The ‘shock absorbers’ of your joints, the cartilage acts as a barrier between bones, stopping them from rubbing together while absorbing impacts from activities as simple as walking or complex as running and vaulting.

Knee injuries and medical conditions most often affect these three vulnerable areas of the leg. Common conditions that cause knee pain include the following:

  • Torn Or Swollen Ligaments: Common in sports injuries and sudden falls or impacts, a torn knee ligament is a typical injury in and around the knee. Often accompanied by extreme pain, a torn ligament can heal independently but may need medical intervention. Further, tendonitis may occur with or without an injury. Often seen as a swollen ligament, tendonitis is one of the root causes of knee pain in people young and old.
  • Arthritis: Generally affecting those of an older generation, arthritis comes in various forms, but all are a type of disease that causes joint swelling. Symptoms include pain, swelling, reduced range of motion, and stiffness. Rheumatoid arthritis is a progressive condition that is most common in the knees.

Torn Or Deteriorated Cartilage: The most damaging and hardest to reverse of all knee injuries, damaged cartilage is characterized by a loss of the padding around your joints. In the knee, cartilage can be damaged by extreme forces of impact, such as a high jump or fall, and can be worn down over time, with injuries growing more prominent with age.

Treatable Conditions:

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Where To Find Knee Pain Treatment Near Lapeer County

Macomb Pain Management is your Lapeer County’s premier option for relief from knee pain and treatment of underlying conditions that may be causing you distress. We want you to avoid painful surgeries and the long recovery times associated with such procedures. Further, we take a research-proven approach to pain management that does not require expensive or dangerous medications. After a brief consultation appointment, we will devise a plan of action and treatment path that best suits your situation. To learn more about the knee pain treatment options available at Macomb Pain Management, call (248) 844-8281 or contact us online to schedule your first visit.

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