When to See a Pain Management Doctor

Pain is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence. Persistent pain, even if it’s mild, could be a sign of a treatable ongoing issue. In this guide, we’ll review what a pain management doctor does and when you should consider seeing one.

The Short Answer – The Sooner, the Better!

If you landed on this page, chances are you’re experiencing some form of chronic pain. It may come and go in spurts, or it may linger constantly. In either case, it’s probably time to see a pain management doctor.

Early intervention leads to early relief. There may be ways to proactively prevent your pain from getting worse or, at minimum, treat the underlying issue that’s causing your pain. You don’t have to suffer endlessly hoping the pain will go away. You could address it now and find a targeted solution for your discomfort.

What Does a Pain Management Doctor Do?

A pain management doctor evaluates the symptoms, possible causes and overall circumstances surrounding your pain. Then they determine which pain treatments will be most effective.

Pain management specialists once relied heavily on pain medications for treatment, but that is not the case anymore. Thanks to years of testing, innovations and medical development, there are now interventional procedures available to treat joint pain without addictive medicine. You could significantly reduce your pain with ablation, injections, ultrasound-guided muscular/skeletal techniques, and other interventional pain management procedures.

Macomb Pain Management offers procedural pain treatment that targets the spine or joints in the body. We assess what’s going on beneath the surface and how it can be resolved. Do we need to relieve pressure on your spinal cord? Do we need to ablate certain nerve endings to stop sending pain signals? Would a strategic injection instantly relieve your pain? Those are the questions your pain management doctor will aim to answer.

Signs You May Need to See a Pain Management Specialist

If you align with any of the following circumstances, it’s time to see a pain management doctor:

  • You’ve had ongoing pain for at least three months (this is classified as chronic pain)
  • Nothing you’ve tried seems to treat the pain or last longer than a few days
  • You aren’t happy with your current pain management routine
  • Your pain is the result of sports injury or years of hard labor
  • Chronic pain is preventing you from living an enjoyable life
  • Your pain is getting worse, not better
  • You want a second opinion to figure out what’s causing your pain
  • You avoid certain activities for fear of the pain you’ll be in
  • You can’t remember what it feels like to not be in pain
  • You’re tired of treating the symptoms – It’s time to treat the source!

Pain management specialists are trained detectives. They take the clues your body is giving out to find the real culprit behind the pain. You don’t have to spend every day dreading the unbearable discomfort you’ll be in. Talk to a pain management doctor to get the relief you’ve been longing for.

Schedule a Consultation with a Pain Management Doctor

Macomb Pain Management is accepting new clients. Our pain management doctors have more than 15 years of specialized experience. We use advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology to provide optimal pain relief for our clients. Best of all, we’ll educate you about your options so you can make an informed decision about chronic pain treatment.

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