Arthritis and Lifestyle: How Diet, Exercise, and Stress Impact Joint Health

There are many different ways to mitigate your stress and pain from arthritis symptoms. However, the most important among them is how you maintain your lifestyle. Things such as making good dietary choices, engaging in physical activity, and controlling your stress can all make a world of difference when suffering from arthritis. Join us below as we explore how to better your everyday life through a few easy and quick changes you can work on today.

Make Smart Dietary Choices

Nutrients from food are the building blocks of our body, so it is no wonder that taking on a proper diet can help reduce arthritis symptoms. Omega-3 fatty acids are pivotal in reducing inflammation and can be found in foods such as salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring, tuna, and other cold-water fish. Antioxidants are another essential nutrient for those suffering particularly from osteoarthritis and prevent the damage it causes to cartilage. Yet, moving beyond the specific nutrients your body can use to combat arthritis, an overall healthy diet can help you simply by maintaining a healthy weight. The more weight you have pushing on your knees, hips, and other joints, the more pressure is exerted on already aching limbs.

Take Part In Physical Activity

While physical activity can be painful depending on your arthritis symptoms, it is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with your body and reduce arthritis severity in the future. Regular movement maintains lubrication of the joints and works your muscles to keep your range of motion. Good exercises for those with arthritis are low-impact and include the following:

  • Walking: Relieve stress by being outside and working out the essential joints for everyday activities.
  • Biking: Works your entire body and can be taken slowly or quickly, depending on your skill level and physical abilities.
  • Swimming: Water helps to reduce strain and still provides aerobic exercise with minimal pain.
  • Elliptical Machines: Allows you to move in a fluid motion and use your whole body.
  • Tai Chi: Slow and methodical movements paired with stretching.

Finally, physical therapy is a proven medical science where you can learn your limits and take home exercises tailored to you by a medical professional.

Mental Health and Stress

Stress, anxiety, and depression can pair with arthritis and create a cycle of negative emotions, amplifying pre-existing arthritis symptoms. Feelings of sadness or anxiety can reduce your motivation to care for yourself, remember medication routines, and seek proper healthcare when necessary. Even if you feel you are in a good mental space, practicing meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing exercises, and general self-care can do a lot for your mind and body. Additionally, counseling with a qualified professional can help you identify mental health concerns and strategies to combat the worst of your symptoms.

Putting The Pieces of A Healthy Life All Together

A healthy lifestyle isn’t about making one change and maintaining it; it is taking a holistic approach to your overall well-being. Maintaining a nutritious diet, keeping fit and flexible, and supporting positive mental health are essential to combating arthritis symptoms. Integrating all of these aspects along with a pain management routine from a Board-Certified medical professional will give you the best chance to mitigate further arthritis symptoms and provide you with a positive foundation upon which to build your future.

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