Can Chronic Joint Pain Be Cured?

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Joint pain is just part of growing old, right? Your bones ache. You take a longer time to get out of bed. This is all a byproduct of aging.

But what if we told you that may not be the case? What if you didn’t have to deal with joint pain every day? If you suffer from chronic pain, you may be missing out on innovative treatment options available to you. Here’s an overview of chronic joint pain management and the path to curative pain treatment.

Chronic Joint Pain Defined – What’s Considered Chronic Pain?

Chronic joint pain is any pain that lasts for three months or more. It may be persistent, or it may come in waves. If you’ve experienced consistent or on-and-off joint pain for months or years, you’re experiencing chronic joint pain.

Joint Pain Management vs. Joint Pain Cures

If you’re asking “Can chronic joint pain be cured?”, the short answer is not yet. A cure is a treatment that keeps the pain away for good, and even the most innovative treatment options cannot make that promise at this time.

With that in mind, there are plenty of methods to manage chronic joint pain and drastically relieve your discomfort. The first step is finding a pain management doctor who can locate the root cause of your pain. Rather than masking the pain with medication, the doctor can recommend ways to treat the pain head-on.

To put this into perspective, think of your chronic joint pain as a leak in your roof. You could manage the leak by putting a bucket underneath, or you could resolve the leak by patching the roof. Your pain management specialist will look for the patch, not the bucket.

Ways to Treat Chronic Joint Pain

Most chronic joint pain is linked to arthritis. This may be the result of genetics, weight, steady wear to the joints, injury, infection, and many other causes.

Treatments range from acupuncture and over-the-counter pain medicine to procedural pain management and prescription pain meds. Your primary care physician may recommend anti-inflammatory meds for your chronic pain, but a pain management doctor may suggest a minimally invasive procedure to treat the pain at the source. Here at Macomb Pain Management, we utilize cutting-edge pain management techniques that prevent the need for addictive pain medicine.

Our advanced spinal injections and interventional procedures target the origin of chronic pain. This may not cure the pain entirely, but it can provide a great deal of relief and a better quality of life.

What to Look for in a Chronic Joint Pain Doctor

If you’re in need of chronic joint pain treatment, look for a specialist in your area who deals specifically with joint pain, arthritis pain, sports injuries, etc. They need to be board certified, preferably with years of experience and continued education.

For example, the pain management doctors at Macomb Pain Management have 15+ years of experience and training that goes well beyond a traditional fellowship. We remain at the forefront of interventional and procedural pain management, providing innovative solutions for chronic pain sufferers.

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