Sports Injury Treatment – Steps to Take for Fastest Recovery

When you become injured participating in sports, the temptation may be to get back into training as soon as possible. However, it is essential to let your body recover naturally and give yourself time to rest. Here we will explore a few steps on how to take care of yourself while bouncing back in the fastest time possible.

Stay Hydrated

The first and most obvious solution to healing is to keep yourself hydrated. The human body is up to 60% water, and none of the other steps in this guide will work nearly as effectively if you aren’t properly hydrated. Furthermore, hydration is more than just consuming copious amounts of water. Drink one to two sugar-free sports drinks daily, as the electrolytes and salt in them can help your red blood cells absorb water without having to dispose of the excess constantly.

Eat Well

While you may already have a strict diet due to your favorite sport, you may be surprised by some foods that can help you recover faster. Lean proteins help to rebuild damaged tissues and will be your best friend, so be sure to eat lots of chicken or edamame and tofu if you do not partake in meat.


While the temptation to get back into training can be a strong compulsion, rest is the most critical aspect of recovery. Sleeping is when our bodies regenerate the fastest. Getting a solid eight hours a night and keeping the injured part of your body immobilized will allow you to heal without worsening your injury or causing another more serious condition.


While some injuries, such as torn injuries, should NOT be stretched, many less major injuries can see relief through light exercise and stretching. Stretching lets you engage your muscles safely without the high impact of intense training and can be an essential part of your recovery regimen.

Take Your Time

You only have one body, so it’s essential to keep it healthy. Don’t return to full-intensity exercises until you have been honest and received an all-clear from a medical professional. Some injuries may be excruciating to wait for, even if you feel better, but going back into your original routine too fast can lead to permanent damage and is one of the significant factors in many athletes retiring early.

Follow These Tips to Return To Sports Action ASAP

You should try applying a cold pack or ice as soon as possible for minor injuries or those accompanied by swelling. Follow these four simple steps to treat your injury and get back to action as quickly as you can:

  • Rest up and immobilize the joint.
  • Ice the injury for 10-15 minutes several times a day.
  • After icing, wrap up the injured joint with a compression bandage.
  • Keep your injured limb above your heart or as high as possible without causing pain.

Get The Right Equipment

For more significant injuries, immobilizing the joints surrounding any damaged tissue is often required. Be sure to follow the directions of your doctor or physical therapist on the proper way to use immobilization devices. Some of the most common pieces of equipment to help keep your injuries safe include the following:

  • Slings for upper body injuries, such as those around the shoulder, arms, or wrist.
  • Splints are a more aggressive form of immobilization and can be applied anywhere on the body, limiting movement and providing strong support.
  • Braces are highly effective for recurring injuries or minor accidents requiring only limiting mobility in certain situations.

Don’t forget to follow these steps and listen to your medical professionals to ensure a quick, painless, and effective recovery after a sports-related injury.

Reach Out to Macomb Pain Management for Sports Injury Treatment

If you’ve tried the steps outlined above and still have significant pain, it’s likely time to call a sports injury doctor like the team at Macomb Pain Management. Our board-certified physician will be happy to learn about your injury and work with you to develop a viable treatment plan. Contact our pain management clinic today by phone at (248) 844-8281.