What to Do When Joint Pain Medicine Isn’t Helping

Do you feel like you’ve raided the whole pharmacy for joint pain relief, but nothing works? Perhaps you’ve found a medicine that works a little bit, but it doesn’t offer the long-lasting relief you need.

The good news is that there are solutions available to eliminate discomfort at the source. Read on to learn what to do when joint pain medicine isn’t helping.

Why Your Medicine Isn’t Helping

There are a few potential reasons why your joint pain medicine isn’t doing what you want it to do. For starters, pain medicine is made to treat the symptoms, not the source. It may offer temporary relief, but it’s not addressing the reason you’re in pain. No matter how often you mask your pain with medicine, the root of the matter is still there.

Your body eventually gets used to the medicine, so you need a larger dose to achieve the same relief. This creates a vicious cycle where you’re constantly chasing short-term help. If you can fix the source of the pain, you can get out of the cycle.

Also, keep in mind that different medicines work in different ways. Many people find themselves in a constant trial-and-error process to see which option will work best at the given moment. This isn’t viable long term, and it is not the only path available.

Find the Cause of Your Joint Pain

You need to know the source of the problem to find an effective solution. In this case, you need to know what’s causing you to feel pain. Is it pressure? Inflammation? Arthritis? Nerve issues? Each of those causes has a potential remedy.

Macomb Pain Management specializes in targeted joint pain relief. Our minimally-invasive and non-pharmacological treatment paths address pain at the root. We can assess your symptoms, lifestyle, health challenges, and other factors to determine the ideal route for pain relief.

Best of all, our treatments do not require long-term medicine. We focus on the why, not the what. That ensures optimal results as quickly as possible.

Explore Alternative Treatments for Joint Pain

If you’re tired of trying new over-the-counter medicines for joint pain, talk to a pain management doctor about your options. Macomb Pain Management accepts many forms of insurance, and we are currently accepting new patients. Contact us at (248) 844-8281 to schedule a consultation for procedural joint pain relief.