Will Chronic Pain Ever Go Away?

After a few months of pain, you may start to feel like it will never go away. Hope from the early stages turns into helplessness and despair. The good news is that chronic pain can go away with the right treatment plan. That’s where we come in!

What Is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting three months or longer. It can spawn from a range of sources, including arthritis, unhealed injuries, muscle tears, worn joints, and much more. Chronic pain can occur anywhere on the body, and it often impacts day-to-day life. Approximately 11 million U.S. adults report having “high impact chronic pain” that affects their work lives, social functions, and more.

Most Chronic Pain Will Not Go Away on Its Own

Pain as a whole can go away on its own when your body heals. The chance of that happening drops for chronic pain because the symptoms are so persistent. Your body is showing signs that it cannot heal on its own. You may have tried over-the-counter medication with little to no relief, only to wake up the next day in the same amount of pain. Finding a personalized treatment path can help you break the cycle and regain control of your life.

Treat the Source of Your Chronic Pain – Not Just the Symptoms

Treating the symptoms of chronic pain is kind of like using a paper towel to drain a swimming pool. You might make a small dent in the problem, but you’re not going to address the bigger issue. This is why we recommend pursuing targeted pain relief that is personalized for your unique needs.

Targeted pain relief comes in different forms. For example, you may benefit from an injection that dulls the nerves that are sending pain signals to your brain. You may need advanced healing options delivered directly to an injury. You could get a minimally invasive procedure to relieve pressure around your joints. There are many possibilities, and their effectiveness will depend on your medical history.

Macomb Pain Management offers targeted pain relief procedures for an array of treatable conditions. We use state-of-the-art technology, all backed by a non-pharmacological approach. When your chronic pain needs professional intervention, call on the experts at Macomb Pain Management. You may reach us at (248) 844-8281 to schedule a consultation.