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Does your back pain dictate what you do throughout the day? You may avoid certain activities or limit certain movements because of the pain associated with them. If so, it’s probably time to speak with a back pain doctor about the treatment options available to you. This doesn’t mean you have to get surgery or stay on a life of medication. There are minimally invasive procedures available that can relieve your back pain at the source.

  • Local Back Pain Doctors with 15+ Years of Experience in Regenerative Medicine, Interventional Pain Procedures, Joint Pain Treatment, Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Physiatry
  • Highly Advanced Treatment Paths Using State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Our Back Pain Treatment Programs Are Personalized for Each Patient
  • We Utilize Ultrasound-Guided Procedures to Target the Source of Pain
  • Board-Certified Doctors Trained in Different Modalities to Ensure You Receive the Best Care for Your Specific Needs
  • Proven Solutions for Lower Back Pain, Upper Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, and More

Contact us at (248) 844-8281 to schedule your consultation with a back pain doctor near Troy MI.

What Does a Back Pain Doctor Do?

According to Georgetown University, back pain is “a leading cause of work limitations.” If you suffer from chronic back pain, you have likely experienced a shift in your ability to work, socialize, and live the life you want.

A back pain doctor is a physician who specializes in back pain treatment. They assess your symptoms, goals, and health concerns to devise a tailored treatment plan for you. Macomb Pain Management has several back pain doctors on staff, and we are proud to serve the Troy community. Contact us at (248) 844-8281 to schedule a consultation with a back pain doctor near you.

Treatable Conditions:

Arthritis Treatment And Arthritis Repair • Treatment For Ligament Strains • Treatment For Joint Pain And Chronic Inflammation • Neck Pain And Spinal Pain Treatment • Treatment For Tendonitis Pain And Bursitis Pain • Treatment For Tendon Tears And Sports Injuries • Treatment For Sciatic Nerve Pain • Chronic Pain Treatment From • Herniated Discs • Treatment For Diabetic Neuropathy • Knee Cartilage Healing And Repair • Sacroiliac (Si) Joint Dysfunction Treatment • Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment And Repair

Innovative Pain Management Solutions That Are Tailored to Your Needs

Macomb Pain Management accepts many insurance plans, and we offer a range of pain management solutions. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment
  • Sciatic Nerve and SI Joint Pain Treatment
  • Knee Pain Treatment
  • Herniated and Degenerative Disc Treatment
  • Sports Injury Treatment
  • Neck Pain Treatment
  • Arthritis and Joint Pain Treatment
  • Chronic Pain Treatment
  • Spine and Back Pain Treatment
  • Shoulder Pain Treatment
  • Pain Management Plans for Tendonitis, Bursitis, and Ligament/Tendon Strains

Enjoy a Life That Isn’t Controlled by Back Pain – Call (248) 844-8281 to Schedule an Appointment with a Back Pain Doctor near Troy MI

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