Man Stretching Shoulder on Floor

Top 5 Stretching Exercises to Reduce Shoulder Pain

Our shoulders bear the brunt of our daily abuse. Whether we are lifting something, sitting with a comfortable posture, or making repetitive motions like folding, there is a lot we ask of our shoulders. Overuse, medical issues, and injury can hamper our flexibility and lead to mild or intense pain in the shoulder. However, there …

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Woman Doctor Talking to Patient

What to Expect at a Pain Management Clinic

If you’re tired of living in pain, you may be looking for a pain management doctor who can alleviate your symptoms. Most primary care doctors have limits to the services they can offer, but pain management specialists focus specifically on pain. Read on to learn what to expect at a pain management clinic. What Services …

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Woman Resting From Jogging Outside

How Do I Know When My Knee Pain Is Serious?

Are you debating whether to see a doctor for your knee pain? Have you accepted the fact that your knee pain is not going away on its own? Let’s take a closer look at reasons to pursue knee pain treatment so that you can make a plan for your future. Definition of Chronic Knee Pain …

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Doctor talking with older couple.

What are the Best Options for Knee Arthritis Treatment?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for knee arthritis treatment. The best option depends on several factors, including the severity of arthritis, an individual’s age and overall health, and personal preferences. Symptoms of Knee Arthritis Arthritis of the knee joint can cause a variety of symptoms. Pain is usually the first symptom to appear and may …

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Woman Smiling Outside

What to Do When Joint Pain Medicine Isn’t Helping

Do you feel like you’ve raided the whole pharmacy for joint pain relief, but nothing works? Perhaps you’ve found a medicine that works a little bit, but it doesn’t offer the long-lasting relief you need. The good news is that there are solutions available to eliminate discomfort at the source. Read on to learn what …

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Doctor and Patient with Computer

Back Pain Treatment – Common Questions Answered

Are you searching for the best back pain treatment? Read on for the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions, including what my back pain treatment options are. Should I take medication? and how long will back pain treatment last?. It will be easier to make the right choice for your unique situation …

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Doctor with Patient

How a Functional Medicine Doctor Can Help You

A functional medicine doctor is an integrative medical doctor who looks at the underlying causes of illness. They evaluate your health history, lifestyle, and vitality to identify possible causes. Their approach may look at your environment and how it makes you more susceptible to specific allergies and diseases. Some people find functional medicine more effective …

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Doctor with Patient wearing a mask

Pain Management Clinics – How They Can Help You

The benefits of choosing a Pain Management Clinic are numerous. The first is their commitment to delivering high-quality patient care. Moreover, they feature a modern, comfortable setting and employ talented physicians and compassionate staff. Additionally, the majority of pain-relieving procedures are performed on-site. So, you’re assured of the highest quality of care. Read on to …

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Man Stretching Neck Sideways

When to See a Pain Management Doctor

If you’ve been dealing with chronic pain, when should you visit a pain management doctor? This article answers your questions about when to see a pain management doctor, what types of symptoms you should expect, and how they can help you. When should I see a pain management doctor? If you have pain that affects …

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Woman Jogging Up Close

Benefits of Non-Surgical Joint Pain Treatments

We experience pain throughout our lives, and most of the time, it is beneficial as it tells us when something is wrong with our bodies. As we age, though, and with some physical ailments that affect all ages, pain is a debilitating nightmare, especially when there seems no reason for it, and that pain becomes …

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