Doctor Discussing with Patients Treatment Options for Joint Pain

Help! I Have Joint Pain in Different Parts of the Body

When some people complain about joint pain, it is centered on a specific joint, such as the knee or hip. This type of pain can be treated with targeted pain management. But what happens when your joint pain is sporadic and all over the place? One day, your ankle hurts, and the next, your thumbs …

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Man and Father Smilng

Is Arthritis Hereditary?

If your grandmother has arthritis, does that mean that you’ll get it, too? Can you develop arthritis if no one in your family has arthritis? These questions all stem from one concept: Is arthritis hereditary? We’ll take a closer look at why some people are more prone to arthritis than others so that you can …

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Woman Using Massage Gun

Pros and Cons of Using a Massage Gun for Pain Relief

Massage guns, otherwise known as percussion massage guns, have become a readily available tool for relieving sore muscles. The end of the gun oscillates to massage various parts of your body. If you’ve thought about investing in one of these handheld massage tools, check out the pros and cons below. We’ll help you determine if …

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Man Working at Computer

Can Chronic Pain Cause Fatigue?

Do you feel constantly tired even after a night of sleep? Have you noticed a change in energy as a result of chronic pain? This is a common experience for people with chronic pain. We’re here to break down the science behind why pain creates fatigue and provide solutions to help you get better rest. …

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Woman Stretching

Unlocking Relief: Yoga and Stretching Routines for Back Pain Sufferers

If you are suffering from back pain, then stretching exercises and yoga may be just what the doctor ordered. Mobility in your body, flexibility along your spine, and core muscle strength can help reduce the stress on your back and provide relief without requiring invasive procedures or medications. Join us today as we explore some …

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Woman with Sore Neck

How to Prevent Tech Neck (Neck Pain from Phone Use)

Have you noticed an increase in neck pain since you’ve had a cell phone? That may not be the result of aging alone. You could be experiencing symptoms of “tech neck.” Here, we’ll discuss what tech neck is and how to prevent neck pain from phone use. What Is Tech Neck? Tech neck is a …

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Doctor with Patient

What is the Difference Between Osteoarthritis and Arthritis?

With similar names, osteoarthritis and arthritis are two commonly confused conditions, often because both are part of the rheumatism family of pathology. However, they are two very distinct conditions with different symptoms and causes. So, what is the difference, and what are some common treatment paths for each? Join us below as we cut through …

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Couple Running

Exercises to Help With Kneecap Pain (Runner’s Knee)

Knee pain is among the most common conditions for active adults, those working in physical fields, and athletes worldwide. Runner’s knee is pain located around the front of the kneecap, which connects to the femur. Exercise and activity can be among the best treatments for runner’s knee. So, here are several exercises that you can …

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Man and woman sleeping

Sleep Tips to Manage Joint Pain

You sleep for approximately 1/3rd of your life, and the way you sleep can have a huge impact on your joint pain. The right sleep position and sleep environment can make a world of difference in your day-to-day discomfort. Check out these sleep tips to manage joint pain, courtesy of the pain management specialists at …

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