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Arthritis and Lifestyle: How Diet, Exercise, and Stress Impact Joint Health

There are many different ways to mitigate your stress and pain from arthritis symptoms. However, the most important among them is how you maintain your lifestyle. Things such as making good dietary choices, engaging in physical activity, and controlling your stress can all make a world of difference when suffering from arthritis. Join us below …

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Will Chronic Pain Ever Go Away?

After a few months of pain, you may start to feel like it will never go away. Hope from the early stages turns into helplessness and despair. The good news is that chronic pain can go away with the right treatment plan. That’s where we come in! What Is Chronic Pain? Chronic pain is defined …

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The Role of Nutrition and Hydration in Back Pain Treatment

Poor nutrition among patients is a common condition that accompanies spinal and back muscle pain. It may seem obvious, but staying hydrated is essential to living a pain-free and comfortable life. Furthermore, while we are wired as humans to enjoy more fatty and sugar-filled or salty foods, they should be used in moderation. But what …

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Introducing mild® Treatment Path Now Available at Macomb Pain Management

mild® is a short, outpatient treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) that restores space in the spinal canal to help improve back and leg pain.* Using specialized tools and imaging, mild® addresses a major root cause of LSS by removing thickened ligament through an incision smaller than the size of baby aspirin, leaving no implants …

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How Pain Relief Injections Work

Topical pain relievers and over-the-counter medications are not designed for long-term pain relief. If you’re using these options to treat chronic pain, you’re probably frustrated with the results. Macomb Pain Management offers innovative pain management procedures, including image-guided injections. Read on to learn how pain relief injections work. Delivering Pain Relief Where It’s Needed Most …

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Is Pain Management Covered by Health Insurance?

If you’re worried about the cost of pain management, you may be pleased to know that your health insurance could cover some or all of your expenses. It largely depends on the type of coverage you have and the type of care you’re receiving. Let’s go over what to expect with health insurance for pain …

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Knee Hurts When You Bend It? Here’s Why

The knee is one of the most hard-working joints in your body. It takes your weight, allows for freedom of movement, and is constantly engaged when we are awake. Your knee is likely to be bent if you are sitting, walking, running, or doing any other activity other than lying down. Common causes of your …

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