How Do I Know When My Knee Pain Is Serious?

Are you debating whether to see a doctor for your knee pain? Have you accepted the fact that your knee pain is not going away on its own? Let’s take a closer look at reasons to pursue knee pain treatment so that you can make a plan for your future.

Definition of Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic pain refers to pain lasting three months or longer. If you have felt knee pain intermittently or consistently for at least three months, you have chronic knee pain.

You can seek treatment before your knee pain becomes chronic, but this tends to be when adults start looking for solutions. The first couple of months of pain feel temporary, but by the third month, it’s clear that something is off.

Signs You Need to See a Doctor for Knee Pain Treatment

Each person has their own definition of what “serious” is. Some people only consider medical conditions serious if they are life-threatening. Others define an issue as serious if over-the-counter medicine isn’t working for treatment. We’re going to focus on when to see a doctor and let you decide what you consider “serious” knee pain.

Here are some indicators it’s time to see a doctor for knee pain treatment:

  • Your knee gives out when you walk or step on it in a certain way
  • Your knee pain has had a noticeable effect on your quality of life
  • You cannot flex or extend your knee all the way
  • Your knee is swollen, inflamed, or tender to the touch
  • Your knees look completely different from each other
  • You have an unresolved knee injury that seems to get worse with time
  • You haven’t found a reliable solution for your knee pain

If You Think It’s Serious, It’s Probably Serious

Something caused you to land on this page. Either you thought the blog title was interesting, or you searched for this specific topic. These are signs that you have suffered from knee pain for a while and want some reassurance before you see a doctor.

Don’t be afraid to get a consultation. If your knee pain isn’t anything to worry about, you’ll have a professional opinion backing that. If your knee pain is treatable, you can learn about the solutions available to you. The board-certified pain management doctors at Macomb Pain Management would be happy to evaluate your circumstances. Call (248) 844-8281 to schedule a consultation for knee pain treatment.