Joint Pain Treatment Near Warren, MI

Joint Pain Treatment Near Warren, MI

Joint pain is a common experience for many Americans, and no treatment is the same between two people. If you have been suffering from joint pain for an extended period, it might seem like you have exhausted all possible treatments. However, better options are available than the everyday use of pain medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs, topical ointments, and home remedies. Macomb Pain Management uses evidence-based and proven methods to provide relief without the need for potentially harmful medications or surgical intervention. Get back to what you love and discover joint pain treatments catered to you as an individual, now available near Warren, MI.

Five Signs That It May Be Time To Consult Macomb Pain Management For Your Chronic Joint Pain Treatment Near Warren MI

Depending on your threshold for pain, you may think that you are managing correctly, but be sure to look out for the following symptoms and consider a consultation immediately if you experience them several days a week or every day.

  • Redness And Swelling
  • Tenderness Around The Affected Joint
  • Fever
  • Noticing The Joint Looks Out Of Place
  • Severe Pain Which Inhibits You From Daily Activities

If you have one or all of the above symptoms that are resistant to usual remedies, it may be time to seek out one of the expert physicians at Macomb Pain Management. Relief is possible, so don’t wait to get it taken care of, as the longer you wait, the worse it is likely to get, making your healing journey longer and more complex.

Treatable Conditions:

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Common Causes Of Reoccurring Joint Pain

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of causes of your joint pain, which can only be diagnosed by a trained professional; however, the most common causes for joint pain that won’t go away include:

  • Arthritis: A condition in which swelling occurs around the soft tissues of a joint. Arthritis can be caused by the natural aging process where the cushions around your joint deteriorate with use or by a genetic disease that causes the immune system to attack those same essential cushions, causing the bones and connective tissues to become damaged.
  • Injury: When an injury doesn’t heal properly or is too traumatic for natural regeneration, it can strain the tissues around a joint, causing many of the same symptoms as Bursitis or Arthritis.
  • Strains Or Sprains From Overuse
  • Infections (Likely from a virus)
  • Bursitis
  • Certain Genetic Conditions Which Cause Chronic Pain

Get The Personalized Joint Pain Treatment You Deserve With Macomb Pain Management

Finding the proper treatment for you may follow different processes than others with the same conditions or symptoms. Therefore, as a Warren, MI resident, when you seek out joint pain treatment, you need to find a doctor who will take a personalized approach to help you as an individual. Individual patient care is the specialty of Macomb Pain Management, where you can expect to be treated in a way that is unique to you. Here at Macomb Pain Management, we will help you to understand the underlying cause of your joint pain, develop a treatment plan that is perfect for you, and work with your regular provider and insurance to ensure that you get the treatment you need at an affordable rate, without the stress of worrying for the future. Your pain management doctor at Macomb Pain Management will explain every joint pain treatment option in simple terms you can understand rather than confusing medical jargon.

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