Joint Pain Treatment near Washington Township MI

Couple Jogging After Joint Pain Treatment near Washington Township MI

Do you feel like your joint pain dictates every aspect of your life? We’re here to change that. Macomb Pain Management is a leading provider of interventional pain relief. We offer arthritis treatment, chronic pain treatment, and joint pain treatment near Washington Township MI. Our office is located at:

Macomb Pain Management
8152 25 Mile Rd Suite B
Shelby Township, MI  48316

Our board-certified pain management doctors can evaluate your circumstances and personalize a care plan to fit your needs. Contact us at (248) 844-8281 to start your journey.

How to Manage Joint Pain in Your Daily Life

It’s no secret that joint pain can negatively impact daily activities. Every task, from making breakfast to driving to work, becomes more challenging with joint pain. Older adults with physically demanding jobs have a higher risk of developing joint pain, but this form of discomfort can happen at any age or in any profession.

These joint pain management tips from Macomb Pain Management can minimize discomfort in your daily life:

  • Maintain an Active Lifestyle and a Healthy Diet
  • Explore Targeted Pain Relief Solutions Like Interventional Pain Management, Rather Than Symptom-Based Solutions
  • Determine Which Activities Trigger Your Pain and See If There Are Alternative Ways to Complete Them
  • Get a Full Night of Rest as Often as Possible
  • Relieve Pressure on Your Joints When You’re Sitting or Lying Down
  • Use a Cold Compress to Reduce Swelling and a Hot Compress to Relieve Joint Pain
  • Pursue Joint Pain Treatment as Early as Possible to Maximize Results

If you are interested in minimally-invasive, non-pharmacological joint pain treatment near Washington Township MI, we’d love to help! Our joint pain specialists utilize advanced techniques to relieve joint pain at its source. Contact us at (248) 844-8281 to schedule your consultation. 

Treatable Conditions:

Arthritis Treatment And Arthritis Repair • Treatment For Ligament Strains • Treatment For Joint Pain And Chronic Inflammation • Neck Pain And Spinal Pain Treatment • Treatment For Tendonitis Pain And Bursitis Pain • Treatment For Tendon Tears And Sports Injuries • Treatment For Sciatic Nerve Pain • Chronic Pain Treatment From • Herniated Discs • Treatment For Diabetic Neuropathy • Knee Cartilage Healing And Repair • Sacroiliac (Si) Joint Dysfunction Treatment • Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment And Repair

Proven Pain Relief from Board-Certified Physiatrists

Joint pain is our specialty, but it is not the only discomfort we treat. Our physiatrists offer the following services:

  • Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment
  • Degenerative Disc Treatment
  • Shoulder, Spine, Knee, and Neck Pain Treatment
  • Procedural Joint Pain Treatment near Washington Township MI
  • Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment
  • Sports and Work Injury Treatment
  • Pain Relief for Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction, Herniated Discs, Bursitis, and Tendonitis
  • Arthritis Treatment
  • Chronic Pain Treatment, Including Relief for High-Impact Chronic Pain
  • Targeted Back Pain Treatment
  • Ligament and Tendon Strain Treatment

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