Knee Pain Treatment near Warren, MI

Man Running After Knee Pain Treatment near Warren, MI

Are you or a loved one a Warren, MI resident suffering from chronic or severe knee pain? The experts at Macomb Pain Management can help! Discomfort in the knees is something that everyone can experience, be they young or old. Whether it is caused by injury, arthritis, or aging, there are knee pain treatments in Macomb County available and techniques you can use that will reduce your discomfort. Join us today as we dip our toes into the ocean of content that is knee pain and learn what you can do about it!

What To Do About Knee Pain Prevention

Before, or in addition to, seeing a doctor, there are several things you can do to avoid knee pain. While some solutions only apply to certain conditions, most are relatively evergreen and can be done by just about anyone. At-home treatments for knee pain include:

  1. Maintain A Healthy Weight: The heavier you are, the more pressure you put on your knees. While our muscles have the splendid ability to heal, eventually, the constant stress on them will become permanent, and by keeping yourself light on your feet, you can prevent damage while maintaining mobility and reducing stress.
  2. Stay Flexible: No matter your age or mobility level, it is essential to stay flexible. In all cases of knee pain, except those caused by extreme injury and torn ligaments, doing light stretching several times a day can keep your joints lubricated and help your tendons more easily retain their elasticity without damage.
  3. Be Careful And Stay Smart While Exercising: Do not push your body beyond its limits when participating in exercise or sports. If you are an athlete, ensure ample rest time between training sessions and wear all prescribed safety equipment. If you’re not an athlete, consider a different workout regimen if you are trying to exercise and find it painful on the knees. Swimming and aerobics classes are great, low-impact ways to keep in shape while minimizing the strain on your joints.

Treatable Conditions:

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Basic Knee Pain Treatment Remedies You Can Try At Home

If you are experiencing chronic or intermittent knee pain, there are some treatments you can do at your Warren, MI home before seeing a doctor. Although, when in any kind of pain, it is essential to visit a medical professional, as your body should function relatively pain-free if there are no other underlying conditions.

  • Ice Down And Heat Up: Use a cold compress or ice pack on your knee for up to fifteen minutes at a time, 3-5 times a day, to reduce swelling. Once daily, usually at the end of the day, when relaxing, you should use a heating pad to relieve tension on the joint and recover from the day’s wear.
  • Elevate your leg above your heart, if possible, for a few minutes to an hour to reduce blood flow and treat inflammation.
  • Avoid overusing your knees, and give them time to rest. While life can be busy, and the temptation is always there to power through the pain, you could be doing more damage than is already done.

What To Do About Knee Pain | See A Board Certified Specialist

When should you see a doctor? Generally, if your knee pain is consistent and does not seem to get better, it may be time to make an appointment. Further, if you cannot bear your body weight on a single leg, have significant and visible swelling, or have a fever and other symptoms of infection, you should visit your physician as soon as possible.

Are you looking for a new pain management solution? Call Macomb Pain Management at (248) 844-8281 today and schedule your consultation appointment to discuss your knee pain treatment options.