Pain Management Clinic near Macomb Township MI

Patient Checking Out at Pain Management Clinic near Macomb Township MI

Macomb Pain Management is a forward-thinking pain management clinic near Macomb Township MI. We know that traditional pain management programs rely on long-term medications or extensive surgical procedures. Those options come with high risks and minimal rewards for most patients. Instead of subjecting yourself to a life of medications, you could get a non-invasive procedure that targets your pain at the root.

  • State-of-the-Art Tools and Techniques to Eliminate Your Pain at the Source
  • Non-Surgical and Nonpharmacological Treatment Paths
  • Insurance-Friendly Procedures and Affordable Fee-for-Service Options
  • Board-Certified Pain Management Specialists with More Than 15 Years of Experience
  • A Comfortable Pain Management Clinic in a Convenient Location near Macomb Township MI

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Constant Pain Isn’t Normal! Get Targeted Relief from Advanced Procedures

Over 50 million U.S. adults experience chronic pain, but that does not mean that having pain is “normal.” You do not have to brush off your symptoms or “deal with” constant discomfort. There are better solutions out there that can target the source of your pain and deliver the relief you deserve.

Macomb Pain Management offers innovative procedures to relieve pain without surgery. Our nonpharmacological approach works for a wide range of pain sources, including arthritis, chronic joint pain, sports injuries, and work injuries. Our pain management clinic near Macomb Township MI is located at:

Macomb Pain Management
8152 25 Mile Rd Suite B
Shelby Township, MI  48316

Contact us at (248) 844-8281 to schedule a consultation. We accept many insurance plans and fee-for-service payment options.

Treatable Conditions:

Arthritis Treatment And Arthritis Repair • Treatment For Ligament Strains • Treatment For Joint Pain And Chronic Inflammation • Neck Pain And Spinal Pain Treatment • Treatment For Tendonitis Pain And Bursitis Pain • Treatment For Tendon Tears And Sports Injuries • Treatment For Sciatic Nerve Pain • Chronic Pain Treatment From • Herniated Discs • Treatment For Diabetic Neuropathy • Knee Cartilage Healing And Repair • Sacroiliac (Si) Joint Dysfunction Treatment • Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment And Repair

A Local Pain Management Clinic with More Than a Decade of Experience

Our pain management doctors specialize in interventional medicine. They have 15+ years of experience, and they pursue continual education on upcoming techniques. Our goal is to provide the best possible services with the highest level of effectiveness. We work with a wide range of patients and personalize our strategies for each person’s needs.

Here is an overview of our treatment paths:

  • Degenerative Disc Treatment
  • Shoulder Pain Treatment
  • Neck Pain Treatment
  • Joint Pain Treatment
  • Sports and Work Injury Treatment
  • Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction Treatment
  • Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment
  • Herniated Disc Treatment
  • Arthritis Treatment
  • Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment
  • Bursitis Treatment
  • High-Impact Chronic Pain Relief
  • Back/Spinal Pain Treatment
  • Tendon and Ligament Strain Treatment
  • Tendonitis Treatment

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