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Arthritis is a condition that can affect nearly every joint in the body and is characterized by inflammation, pain, and loss of mobility in the affected location. Here at Macomb Pain Management, we are your experts for pain relief from arthritic symptoms for residents in or near the Romeo MI area while serving all arthritis treatment for Macomb County.

What Is Arthritis And What Causes The Condition?

Arthritis is a rheumatic disease that affects the joints and connective tissue of the body and can cause pain that builds over time. It is characterized by inflammation and swelling around the joint and is a condition experienced by millions of Americans each year. This condition is most commonly found in men, although many women also have arthritis, and it can affect any age, with more older people experiencing discomfort and more intense symptoms.

The cause of arthritis depends upon the type, with the most common being osteoarthritis. This condition is caused by general wear and tear on the joints as the connective and cushioning tissues are worn down over time. Osteoarthritis is commonly seen among older adults. As the body ages, the joints become worn down and begin to rub against one another, causing inflammation and other issues.

How Is Arthritis Diagnosed At Macomb Pain Management?

There are several ways that doctors can provide an arthritis diagnosis, and it will often require several of the following tests:

  • Blood Tests: Blood draws, specifically RF (rheumatoid factor) and CCP (cyclic citrullinated peptide) antibody tests, can help diagnose some types of arthritis. It is also an essential part of any physical exam and can assist in developing a treatment path post-diagnosis.
  • Joint aspiration (Arthrocentesis): For Arthrocentesis, a small sample of the fluid in the joint is extracted to check for build-up crystalline structures and elevated levels of bacteria or viruses that can cause arthritic symptoms.
  • Imaging Tests: Things such as X-rays, ultrasounds, and, in some cases, MRIs can be used to diagnose some forms of arthritis. Typically, these tests are conducted after the fact and are intended by doctors to assess the level of damage, inflammation, and root cause for a preexisting condition.
  • Skin Or Muscle Biopsy: Tissue samples may be collected in cases where the doctor suspects a correlating arthritic condition in the muscle or skin and is not typical for things such as osteoarthritis.

Treatable Conditions:

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How Do We Treat Arthritis?

With over 100 types of arthritic conditions, the treatments are similarly varied, and a personalized approach is the hallmark of therapies from Macomb Pain Management.

Physical therapy from a licensed physiotherapist is the most common approach for dealing with mild to moderate arthritis conditions. In physical therapy, you will learn safe exercises for restoring muscle and flexibility while experiencing limited pain. Physical therapists are also likely to recommend at-home treatments such as weight loss, a healthy diet, balancing activity and rest, and utilizing assistive aids like braces or crutches.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) uses a device to send low-power electrical signals into the nerves to stimulate pain relief. With some training, it can be used at home and without the assistance of a physician, bringing pain relief and potentially reducing joint swelling.

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Causes and types of arthritis are as varied and unique as you are as a human being. At Macomb Pain Management, we have a patient-first approach to your needs and will develop a unique plan to reduce pain and help you get back to a more active lifestyle. Call us today at (248) 844-8281to schedule your consultation visit and get you on the path to arthritis relief.

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